What are the Visa Requirements when going to Morocco

Morocco is a very welcoming destination. However, if you are planning to go there, it is better to make your necessary preparations so you wont have any issues later on. This is required by the government so you can enjoy your stay without any glitch later on.

For the Citizens of the Netherlands

moroccoFortunately, if you are only going in as a tourist, you do not have to file for any visa. You can just fly directly to Morocco and your visa will be processed there. You will be given three months to stay in Morocco, hopefully enough to explore and experience the country. However, if you wish to stay longer, it is recommended to process your requests even before you go to Morocco.

For tourists, all you need is your passport with at least 6 months’ validity. This will give you a buffer time in case your passport expires. So you won’t have to process your papers in Morocco. Also, you will need to show your return ticket so we know that you are not intending to stay longer.

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If as a tourist, you fee the need to extend, you can go to the police station within 15 days after arrival to file for extension. You will need to accomplish some forms there and submit additional requirements explaining the reason why you need to extend. The process is generally fast and depending on your reason, can be approved right away.That’s why if that is your plan, make sure that you file the necessary paperwork in the embassy. This will give you time to prepare for everything that you need to submit later on. Also, this will make sure that your stay is legal so you won’t have a problem with the police later on.


Morocco is a great nation to discover culture and be exposed in other types of way of living. We also have a great cuisine that you can experience as you roam around the beautiful streets of our cities. It will really give you a different experience of our nation’s history and traditions.