Moroccan Foods You Must Try

Other than the famous Moroccan argan oil, Moroccans take pride in their delicious dishes. Prepare for some spice as they have the most exotic seasonings you won’t just find elsewhere. Indulge in the aromatic dishes Moroccan style.


The Famous Couscous

If Asian likes rice, Moroccans are in love with couscous. It’s a communal dish that is normally served weekly during a family gathering. Moroccans believe in family ties, so they celebrate the gift of family every week by eating together. Couscous is always part of big celebrations served with vegetables and stewed meat. It has a unique texture that’s going to tickle your taste buds. Since couscous is a famous dish, you don’t have to go to Morocco just to have a taste. It is available in hotels in Amsterdam by central station and other grocery stores.

Moroccan Style Chicken Bastilla

Moroccans usually opt for pigeons rather than the chicken. Pigeons have tender meat fattier, which makes it perfect for a savory pie. Chicken Bastilla is a simple dish composed of ginger, cinnamon, saffron, pepper, and stewed chicken meat, covered by warqa pastry. What makes this different is they use orange flower water and herb laden omelette to fuse different flavors. The smell is so delightful enticing anyone to grab a slice.

Tender Meat With Prunes

cookingAdding prunes in a stew is probably not the norm in your country. But Moroccan found a way to incorporate prunes into a hearty meaty dish. Your taste buds will be surprised that this fusion taste so good. Check out a version of this recipe in Amsterdam city center sights. Meat can be bad for digestion, but with the help of prunes, indigestion is something you don’t need to worry about.

Harira – Moroccans All-In-One Soup

Harira is Moroccan’s favorite soup. It has many variations, but no matter what version of Harira you might get, it is a tomato-based soup. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins. The stock comes from beef or lamb added with lentils, tomato, chickpeas, Moroccan spices, and rice or broken noodles. It takes time to make this, but the long wait is worth it.