Making Friends outside your Country

travelBeing a tourist in a foreign land is quite scary especially if you do not speak the language. It is difficult to communicate and to find your own way. Thankfully, with a lot of technological advances, we have every support that we need in order to easily explore a country that we are visiting.

However, it is also important that you relate to other people to make your trip more memorable and easier. If you are a solo traveler, you will know the value of making friends in the country you are visiting so you will have more insider information that will help you in your travel.

Table of Contents

Making Friends Basics

Fortunately, in the Netherlands, everyone speaks English. Don’t worry about some locals that speak in Dutch, they are also capable of communicating in English. So that’s one worry down since you know you can always talk to other people in there.

Also, it is a very welcoming community. Since the Netherlands has been the top choice for expats from all over the world, you will encounter people coming from different countries and different walks of life. You will get to know their culture and at the same time, share some of yours as well.


If you want to make more friends, you should be in the places where they are. First, attending activities in the city will make you feel at home. Most of these people are very friendly and will approach you right away when they notice that you are a tourist. They will easily make you feel at home so you will open up and enjoy the conversation.

Also, if you join tours, especially walking tours, you can strike up a conversation with your fellow tourists and create a link that will be beneficial in the future. You can plan your activities in the city together, or share a meal, or whatever the plans that you might have.

It is really important that you open up your circle when you travel. It will broaden not only the activities that you can do, but the experiences that you can get in this travel.